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Yebidy Basic stands out as the go-to solution for recruitment agencies aiming to establish a powerful online presence. The software acts as a gateway, effortlessly guiding recruitment companies through the process of creating an impactful recruitment website. With an intuitive interface and robust features, Yebidy Basic transforms traditional recruitment approaches into contemporary digital experiences, ensuring a seamless transition to the online domain.

Free Job Board Software

Launching your recruitment brand online with Yebidy Basic

In today's competitive job market, launching a recruitment brand online is a necessity, and Yebidy Basic streamlines this process. Equipping you with the tools you need, Yebidy Basic empowers you to confidently establish your online identity and effortlessly engage with a broader audience of potential candidates.

Yebidy Basic offers a comprehensive toolkit designed to simplify and enhance every facet of the online brand-building process. From seamless website setup to intuitive customisation options, The Yebidy job board software ensures that your online identity is not just established but tailored to reflect the unique essence of your recruitnent agency.

Building a strong online presence

The Yebidy job board software is designed to not only simplify the process of setting up a recruitment website but to actively contribute to the establishment of a robust online identity for your recruitment agency. Yebidy Basic provides a comprehensive set of features that collectively act as the building blocks for a strong online presence. Intuitive customisation options allow you to shape your digital space in alignment with your brand. Engage your audience effectively with advanced search options and candidate tracking functionalities that enhance the user experience.

Yebidy Basic is built with a mobile-friendly design, guaranteeing that your online presence is accessible and seamless across devices, capturing the attention of potential candidates wherever they may be. The software also incorporates search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies, boosting your websites visibility and ensuring that your website remains prominent in online searches.

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Free Job Board Software

Yebidy Basic Job Board Software Features

With its user-friendly interface, advanced features, and data-driven insights, the Yebidy Job Board software software is the key to unlocking your recruitment potential.

Features for Candidates

Search jobs

Explore employment opportunities tailored to your preferences and expertise with intuitive job search features.

Save jobs

Keep track of promising opportunities by conveniently saving jobs that align with your career goals.

Upload CV

Showcase your professional experience and skills seamlessly by uploading your CV.

Apply for jobs

Streamline the application process by easily submitting your CV for desired positions directly through the platform.

Create cover Letters

Craft personalised cover letters to accompany your applications.

View Applications

Stay informed and organised by accessing a centralised hub to view and manage all your job applications.